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Doctors Warn To Get Flu Vaccine: Protect Yourself This Winter

Health administrators are reminding the vulnerable to get a flu shot this year.

The ongoing campaign in North Essex is urging seniors, pregnant women and people with chronic conditions, particularly severe asthma, chest or heart complaints and diabetes, to make an appointment to get vaccinated. People who are involved in looking after the sick are also being urged to contact their family doctor for a free shot.

Despite being fairly common, when left untreated the flu can lead to more serious illnesses, including pneumonia and bronchitis. Flu season starts in October and November, making it the best time for the annual vaccination.

The flu shot does not actually inject active virus into your body, so there is little risk of illness from the shot. Some people do believe that they get a “cold” or a “touch of the bug” after receiving their vaccine. In actuality, the issues are unrelated. People get their flu vaccine in flu season, meaning there is a higher risk of illness regardless. Don’t put off getting your shot because it could mean the difference of life and death. Thousands of people die every year from the simple winter flu.

Source: Essex County Standard


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