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8 Tips for Working Out Longer and Harder

There’s no denying that reaching your fitness goals—whether that means losing weight or getting in the best shape of your life—can be incredibly challenging. It requires dedication and a commitment to having intense and sometimes lengthy workouts on a consistent basis. And that’s not to say anything about making the necessary changes to diet.

For many people who find themselves in a situation where they’re trying to reach a challenging fitness goal, having a truly worthwhile workout can be difficult to achieve. So, how can you train your mind and body to workout longer and harder than you’ve done in the past?

1. Don’t Forget to Rest

For someone eager (or even desperate) to reach their fitness goals, it can be hard to fathom taking a day or two each week to rest. But it’s an absolutely critical part of the fitness process. Failing to take at least a couple days each week to rest your muscles could leave to physical and mental exhaustion and may leave you with a serious injury, which will only set you back further.

So, don’t feel bad about taking rest days. Try to avoid stringing together more than three straight high-intensity workout days before taking a day to rest your muscles. If you’re worried taking such breaks could negatively affect your progress, be sure to eat sensibly on those rest days.

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