78-Year-Old Man Beats “Incurable” Cancer, Credits Dietary Changes

A 78-year old grandfather who was told by his doctor that he had “incurable” cancer was recently declared cancer-free.

“They [the doctors] said if they cut out the cancer it would just pop up somewhere else,” Allan Taylor told the Sunday Mirror. “But I was determined to stay positive and decided to find my own cure.”

Taylor, who had colon cancer which spread to his small intestines, made a dietary change which he credits with curing him. He swapped out red meat and dairy products, replacing them with 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, and he also drank a tea made with barleygrass powder. In addition to avoiding red meat and dairy, the man consumed large amounts of apricot seeds and curry spices, and supplemented his diet with selenium tablets.

“On August 6 I got a letter from North Tees hospital to say a scan had shown my cancer had gone and the abnormality is no longer visible,” he revealed. “I’m all clear.”

Taylor told the paper, “There is no question in my mind that my diet saved my life. And all it cost was 30 pounds (about $46) a week.” He claimed he found the diet plan after typing “colon cancer cures” into an Internet search engine, and perfected his particular strategy with the help of employees at the health food store where he bought his supplies.

Source: Daily Mail



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