2nd Case of SARS-Type Virus Confirmed In Saudi Arabia

The second case of a SARS like virus has been confirmed in Saudi Arabia. The new virus is called Novel Coronavirus and has been found in three people in the Gulf region in the past few weeks. The other infected individual was from Qatar. The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has issued a statement saying that the unnamed patient has been hospitalized with “pneumonia caused by the new virus known as Novel Coronavirus.”

It is not yet know if this individual had contact with either of the other patients. It was noted that he has not traveled outside of Riyadh. He has fully recovered from the pneumonia.

Coronavirus is a species of viruses that is responsible for the common cold. The 2003 SARS outbreak was caused from the SARS-CoV coronavirus and is attributed to over 800 deaths. Previous to this, only two types of coronavirus were known to scientists, the HCoV-229E and HCoV-OC43. Since then two more viruses were found: NL63 (or NL or the New Haven coronavirus), and HKU1.

This new virus, Novel Coronavirus, has forced the World Health Organisation to issue a global health alert. It has been found to not easily transmit between person to person.

Source: World Health Organization, USA Today