15 Bits of Inspiration For Newbie Runners!

If you’re a new runner, there are loads of reasons you’ll come up with to stay in bed instead of going for a run each morning. However, I suggest keeping the following 15 bits running inspiration in mind, on your fridge, or on your night stand whenever you need a little push to lace up those shoes and go for a run…

1. The first week is always the hardest on every new runner…unless you compare it to the second week so don’t let it deter you!

2. Unlike other workouts, running demands movement and strength from every part of your body.

3. A soft surface is a welcome surface, look for ways to be gentle on your joints.

4. Develop a romance with ice, it’s a sore muscle’s best friend.

5. Always leave time to stretch post-run.

6. Feeling sore and stiff is a sign that your muscles are getting stronger.

7. Three miles covered comfortably is a sign that you’ve “arrived” as a runner.

8. Focus on  focus on landing with a soft, light footstrike.


9. If you can’t hold a conversation; you’re running too fast.

10. Hold your hands loosely—don’t clench or make a fist.

11. Be kind to your body, alternate running one day with gentler swimming or yoga the next.

12. Keep your shoulders relaxed and away from your ears, your neck with thank you!

13. Think of eating and drinking plenty of water as fueling for your run.

14. Bring a buddy, make your runs a social outing that you look forward to.

15. A good runner is a well rested runner.

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Emily Lockhart

Emily Lockhart is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She believes that being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a punishment or temporary fix to attain a desired fitness or body image goal. Anna helps her clients take responsibility for their own health and wellness through her classes and articles on ActiveBeat.