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Common Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

10. Skin Issues

Crohn’s disease may manifest in the skin of an affected individual. It can cause blood clots, resulting in deep venous thrombosis. There are two main skin manifestations- erythema nodosum and pyoderma gangenosum. Erythema nodosum causes red nodules around the shins of the afflicted individual. Pyoderma gangrenosum causes ulcers in the form of necrotic tissue. It is common on the legs, but can form anywhere on the body. Both conditions start with superficial small imperfections but grow to be large and painful. “These conditions are caused by the inflammatory process of Crohn’s disease, and the treatment for them is to treat the Crohn’s disease, sometimes along with topical therapy by a dermatologist,” says Nirmal Kaur, MD, director of the inflammatory bowel disease center at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit to Everyday Health.

Another common skin condition caused by Crohn’s disease is psoriasis. It causes silvery scaly patches on the skin and is actually an inflammatory disease that has been linked to arthritis and Crohn’s disease through psoriatic arthritis, an inflammatory joint disease caused by bone and joint damage, says the source. There have also been instances of the medication used to treat Crohn’s increasing the risk of non-melanomatous skin cancer and melanomas.

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