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Yoga Poses for Healthy, Happy Feet

2. Tree Pose

Tree (or Vrksasana) aims to create a stable base while correcting the way the feet make contact with the ground below you. Equal stability—through all 4 corners of the feet (the inner and outer heels, little and big toes) can correct foot issues (tendency to roll in or out) and encourage proper ankle alignment, which can lead to back and knee issues. Tree encourages healthy weight distribution, like this:

  • Take Mountain pose, feet firm.
  • Bend through the right knee.
  • Grasp the right ankle with your right hand.
  • Place the sole of the right foot firmly against the inner left thigh/inner left groin or against the inner left calf.
  • Lengthen through the tailbone—the center of your pelvis should be in a neutral position, directly over the left foot.
  • Press your hands together in prayer or raise above your head, arms straight.
  • Gaze softly ahead at a fixed point to aid balance.

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