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Working Out How to Start Exercising in the Morning

Getting to the gym or out for a jog can be tough during any time of day – but it becomes a bit easier once you’ve established a routine. The same goes for hitting the gym early in the morning before work or weekend obligations – if you follow a routine, you’ll probably stop dreading getting up with the birds and embrace the benefits of a morning workout.

Lifting weights or doing cardio early can help set the tone for the rest of the day, while boosting your mental and physical energy to help carry you through your work duties. Here are seven tips to help ease you into early morning exercise…

1. Have a Workout Buddy

In an article from PopSugar.com aptly titled “How I Learned to Love Morning Workouts,” it suggests having someone to join your morning workout routine for motivation. The basic premise is that if someone else is also getting up early to meet you (at the gym or for a jog or walk) then you’ll be much less likely to skip out on it and leave them hanging.

Of course, you’ll probably also have the added benefit of having someone to cheer you on, motivate you, and even be a spotter at the gym so you don’t injure yourself lifting weights. You might also enjoy the extra feeling of security of jogging alongside a friend before the lights come on in the morning.

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