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The Pros and Cons of High Intensity Interval Training

Although the concept of interval training appears to be growing in popularity creating a frenzy of exercisers across North America, it’s nothing new. We can thank the coaches, runners, and Olympic athletes of the early 1900s for paving the way to CrossFit and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). One of the strongest arguments for the popularity of HIIT programs is the promise of fast and effective exercises that offer quick results.

Presently, HIIT and CrossFit are some of the most popular programs offering participants a quick workout that strengthens both cardiovascular and muscular systems. For those considering adding a HIIT of exercise to the schedule, there are a few things to consider before going crazy over CrossFit.


1. Pro: It’s an Efficient Use of Valuable Time

Time is the most popular reason given for not adding exercise into one’s schedule. It appears that work, family, and other extracurricular demands are sucking any extra time we have to dedicate to hours in the gym.

High intensity training over short intervals of time, offers an effective and efficient way of training. In addition, twenty minutes (or less) is all that is needed to increase muscular and cardiovascular strength while enjoying a bit of fat loss at the same time.

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