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The 9 Self-Care Lessons That Yoga Teaches

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2006, and like every yoga teacher would admit, I still have much to learn. For me, many of the lessons that I consider the most vital, I’ve learned on my yoga mat—either during my own practice or by teaching others. So even though I still struggle with some yoga poses (I’m thinking of you, camel), I know that each time I come to my mat, I come to practice my own evolution, adaption, open-mindedness, and self-love.

Here are the nine most important self-care lessons that yoga has taught me so far…

1. Let Things Go

We can’t always be in control, and in yoga practice we see this manifest more than anywhere else. In each stretch and pose we take, there is a limit to what we can control. Just because the mind wants to take your ankles all the way down to the mat in downward facing dog doesn’t mean you’re body can physically comply.  In yoga, we learn to let things go, and that there’s no use in forcing ourselves beyond our ability.

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