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The 6 Biggest Stretching Mistakes

Do you stretch following a workout? If you don’t, be forewarned that stretching is often considered paramount for the pain reduction/muscle recovery process. Yet so many of us either rush through it or don’t do it at all. Stretching promote fresh blood circulation to counteract your workout by aiding flexibility and loosening up any knotted, pain-ridden muscles. So be sure to stretch and when you do, avoid these six common stretching mistakes…

1. Avoiding Under-Stretched Areas

When you stretch, where do you start? The neck the shoulders, the biceps/triceps? Chances are after a run or a leg workout, it’s your hips and hamstrings that are screaming for a good stretch. However, these are two under-stretched areas that many shy away from.

Most of us ignore muscles that are chronically tight…for instance, “hamstring tightness behind the knee…and straightening your legs in a stretch often can help alleviate the tension,” explains Dr. Mary Jayne Johnson, Exercise Physiologist, fitness and wellness expert for Shape and SELF magazines, and founder of Profound Wellness.

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