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Stay Safe Running Outside All Winter

I run outside all year long and I live in South Western, Ontario. Yes, that’s in Canada and no I’m not crazy. In fact, I’ve come to enjoy winter a lot more—even with the snow, freezing winds, and even the odd ice patch due to my winter running. However, I’m very aware that extra safety precautions are essential to safely run through the winter months.

Keep your outdoor running routine safe all winter long with these tips…

1. Lace Up Properly

When it comes to running in winter, your shoes are what’s between you and all of that snow, ice, and frigid cold temperatures. Swap your light, minimalist sneakers for a pair of sturdy, rugged trail footwear with good tread.

Trail-specific runners will keep you from slipping and falling along frozen trails and sidewalks due to extra thick and sturdy traction. Alternately, I’ve purchased a pair of slip on traction guards over my regular runners as well. These are usually outfitted with plastic spikes for extra traction on frozen surfaces.

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