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Skip to Better Full Body Fitness

Skipping, or jumping rope, is my go to work out. I carry one skipping rope in my car (for workouts on-the-go) and tuck one underneath my coffee table to grab and skip a few beats through television commercials. I also opt for a quick jump rope workout when the weather is too hot, cold, or wet to get outside for a run.

Skipping requires minimal equipment and space, plus it’s one of the best cardio workouts available. Here’s why I love skipping…


1. Tap Into Your Inner Child

If you’re dying for a workout that demands a little more fun and imagination—I urge you to try jumping rope to see how you feel. The first time I picked up a jump rope I felt carefree and instantly uplifted.

It may take a few attempts to get a solid, and steady pace (without the odd misstep) but skipping taps into your child—challenging you to try jumping on alternate feet, skipping with high knees, attempt a double or triple under, or even play Double Dutch with friends.


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