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Running vs. Walking: Which is Better?

When it comes to walking vs. running the need for speed doesn’t always equate to the best workout. There are many reasons why people choose running or walking as their preferred method of exercise. For instance, you might walk in a serene setting to beat stress—or you might choose to run to the beat of lively music to boost your energy levels on a Monday morning.

Either way, both walking and running promote weight maintenance, enhance mood, and promote better heart health. The choice depends on you and your personal goals…


Running vs. Walking for Weight Loss

While walking is a great way to burn calories, in the end running will burn more. In fact, research from the National Institutes of Health finds that running expends 2.5 times more energy vs. walking on a treadmill.

Obviously, you take more steps during a vigorous run vs. a moderate stroll, which in the end translates to a higher amount of calories burned and energy expended. The same study also noted that the runners were able to lose more weight and maintain a slimmer waistlines compared to those who walked for exercise.

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