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Intensify Your Workout to Conquer Pain

A recent study from the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise has determined that intense aerobic exercises performed for 75 minutes per week resulted in lower reports of pain compared to moderate exercises performed for 150 minutes per week.

The reason for the reduced pain levels came from endorphins being created continuously in the body with the higher level workouts. Researchers have found that engaging in a high temp activity for 30 minutes has the maximum impact on the human body. Endorphins help the body by providing a numbing sensation and driving stress levels to a minimum.

Other workouts such as yoga can help treat specific pain but is unable to produce the same results of pain tolerance that can be obtained through high activity exercising. These types of exercises are believed to release an entirely different chemical reaction which helps to decrease anxiety and lower stress by slowing you down.

When you are just starting to exercise it is not uncommon for these high tempo activities to leave you in pain. This pain is different and is a result of your body getting adjusted to your new routine. You can identify bad pain as it is usually located around a joint and you will generally notice some swelling. By sticking to your routine you will quickly build up your pain tolerance levels to peaks you have never considered.

Source: Fox News


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