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Getting Downward Dog with Yoga Lingo

Have you ever looked at a studio’s yoga class schedule and wished you had a dictionary handy? Do you spend the majority of your 70-mintue hot vinyasa flow class wondering exactly what the heck “vinyasa” actually means?

Yoga is excellent exercise for the body and mind, but much of the lingo used by the studio, instructor, or other class mates can be more confusing than moving from Warrior I to Warrior II (what the heck?) if you’re new to yoga. Here is our handy guide for getting downward dog with yoga lingo…

1. Anti-Gravity Yoga

An aerial style yoga class that utilizes fabric slings or trapeze tools for an anti-gravity yoga experience above the mat. Students use the slings to perform and support body weight in all postures.  Most anti-gravity classes are beginner friendly after an initial introduction to doing body weight poses in the slings.

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