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Get into the Game with 8 Sports that Burn Through Calories

Not all sports are created equal—some are more individual-based than team-based, and while some provide a great workout, we can’t say they’re the “healthiest” because they may involve contact that can lead to short-term and long-term injuries.

However, what they have mostly in common is they get your heart rate up and require mental and physical exertion. That being said, if you’re looking at sports as a way to shed excess fat and tone muscles, here are eight to consider…  

1. Racket Sports

Think of sports like tennis, squash and badminton. These athletic pursuits are mostly one-on-one, but there are doubles variations as well. These sports require mental sharpness, quick reflexes—and a lot of running back and forth.

ThePostGame.com lists racket sports as one of the top-10 calorie burning activities, claiming they can eat up between 600 to 900-calories per hour. “However, you might not want to tackle these sports if you have bad knees or ankles,” adds the source—there’s a lot of sudden starts and stops that can put strain on lower joints.


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