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Are You an Exercise Addict?

It was once thought of as a “positive” addiction, but now addiction specialists know better.  Exercise addiction, like all other addictions, can not only take away from the other joys in life, but can be hazardous to your health.  Referred to as a process addiction, exercise addiction can weaken the immune system, lead to extreme overuse injury, cause early-onset osteoporosis, damage relationships, and lead to social isolation.  Below are five symptoms that may help the exercise enthusiast identify a potential addiction.

If the signs below are all too familiar, it may be time to solicit the professional help of a clinical counsellor, or other helping professional, to help create an action plan for health…


1.  Exercise is Taking More Time Out of the Day

What once was a quick jog around the block has now morphed into hours of the day spent running or exercises that support running.  The exercise addicted is spending more time acquiring the equipment and clothing necessary for serious running.

To support exercise addition, individuals may seek out technology to monitor and chart their progress.  They may also increase  their participation in running events, such as marathons, and increase training time in the name of healthy competition.

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