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8 Workout Adjustments for 50-plus Gym Goers

Finding the time and energy to exercise can be a struggle for any adult. But it can be a special challenge for older adults (or people over age 50) who may have health conditions that limit the time and energy that they can devote to physical activity.

But there are a number of ways for older adults to maximize their energy and find the time needed to get the kind of exercise that will help them feel better, both mentally and physically. Here are some useful tips for older adults interested in becoming or remaining physical active in their golden years…

1. Don’t Let Afternoon Fatigue Get You Down

Many older adults find time to exercise in the late afternoon, and that makes sense. After all, this is before dinner and after work and school have ended for the day. Unfortunately, this is also a time of day when energy levels can be running low.

To keep yourself from slowing down at this time, try drinking lots of water. Staying hydrated can give your energy levels a boost and help you power through a work out. If that’s not enough, eat something healthy, like a piece of fruit or a vegetable.


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