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8 Ways to Start Running and Never Look Back

Running is arguably among the most intimidating forms of physical exercise. Anyone who’s tried it knows that the longer you go, the more challenging it becomes on both mental and physical levels. It’s simply a very demanding form of physical activity that will put all of your endurance to the test.

So, why do we run, then? Because it’s arguably an inexpensive way to shed pounds and get in shape. For those who’ve already reached their fitness levels, it’s an excellent way to stay fit and feel good, as running, like many other forms of intense exercise, can release endorphins that make us feel mentally rejuvenated. The good news is that just about anyone can become a successful runner—it just takes a few simple but important steps to get started on your way…

1. Set Reasonable Expectations for Yourself

One of the toughest parts about starting a new running routine is managing your expectations. Even if you’re in relatively good shape—let’s say you’re an active football or hockey player—if you don’t run on a regular basis, there will be a period where running for an extended amount of time seems exceptionally difficult.

Before you set out with this new routine, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take time for your body to adapt to the new demands you’re making of it. And let’s face it, running makes a lot of demands of your body, from your feet to your ankles, calves, thighs, lungs, heart and mind. So, don’t set out to run a marathon on your first day: take it easy and don’t be upset if it proves difficult at first.

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