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8 Unbelievably Bizarre Fitness World Records

When you think of the most intriguing Guinness World Record holders, the titles range from strange (the world’s tallest Mohawk, which at 44.68-inches belongs to Japan’s Kazuhiro Watanabe) to outright bizarre (like the adult German woman, Bettina Dorfmann, who owns 15,000 Barbie dolls). However, the fitness- and physical-oriented records are always my personal favorites.

So let’s take a look at the world’s most unbelievable and just plain odd feats of strength, endurance, and stamina recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records…

1. Largest Zumba Dance Class

If you love dance fitness and haven’t had the opportunity to try Zumba—what are you waiting for? This cardio-dance-inspired workout combines Latin-beats with sultry booty shaking for an upbeat, fun workout that just about anyone can partake in. For your Zumba-inspiration, check out the largest Zumba dance class ever, which took place in 2012, at Peoples’ Plaza in Hyderabad, India and hosted 2,012 participants.

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