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8 Things New Runners Should Be Ready For

It doesn’t matter if you got a pair of nifty new sneakers for Christmas and just took up running, or if you just ran your 26th half marathon—we all started out somewhere, and by that I mean every new runner learns similar lessons along route. Some of these little nuggets of wisdom are positive (i.e., the permission to invest in cool new sneakers) while others (i.e., mid-run diarrhea) can be surprisingly negative and somewhat humiliating.

Low and behold, the ten things every new runner should be ready-set-go for…

1. Sweat in Unmentionable Places

Sure, when you exert yourself, you’d expect to break out into a clammy sweat under your armpits, but as a beginner runner the sweaty areas that most surprised me where behind the knees, all over my feet until I was a slippery mess in my shoes, and um, down, way down in a few other unmentionable regions.

Okay so I was a bit taken aback by the swampy undercarriage effect, but what really spelled disaster from dampness in these zones was the resulting chaffing and blisters. Yeah. Super gross and painful. So do yourself a favor and invest in a good sport’s bra, socks, and undies with wicking material.


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