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8 Important Tips for Ice Skating Beginners

Skating: I know it’s springtime, but hockey season doesn’t conclude until Sunday! For those who know how to ice skate, it’s one of the most fun and exhilarating ways to get exercise. But for many others it’s a strange, even alien physical activity that poses a huge learning curve and keeps them from enjoying a lot of ice sports, from hockey to figure skating.

But don’t let that steep learning curve keep you from giving ice skating a try. Ask anyone who’s put in the time and energy needed to learn how to skate: it’s definitely worth it. The key is to remain patient and to give some of the following strategies careful consideration…

1. Focus on What’s Ahead

One of the biggest mistakes new ice skaters make is focusing too much attention on what their feet are doing. And while it’s true that the feet do a lot of work in the skating process, concentrating on what they’re doing will do a few problematic things: first, it will cause you to lose focus on what’s ahead of you, potentially leading to an ugly spill. Second, it could cause you to lean over to the point where you lose balance and tumble forward.

Although it can be tough to remember this, try to keep your head back and your eyes straight ahead. Trust your instinct to help you move your feet in the right direction.

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