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8 Funny Thoughts Every New Yogi Has

Think back to your very first yoga class. Did you run down a check list of essentials to tote along—mat (check), towel (check), water bottle (check), pedicure (check)— before heading out the door?

If you’re anything like me, the thought of showing off your bare feet to a bunch of strangers likely had you swiping on a few fresh coats of “Sierra Bliss” before you headed to the studio. Your first yoga class is bound to be filled with hilarious inner thoughts that we all shared our first time on the mat. So dim the lights, cue the mantras, and give those spandex pants a run for their money—here are eight funny thoughts every new yogi experiences…


1. “Back Off, Yoga Master!”

Entering your first yoga class, you likely staked out a comfortable spot near the exit. But low and behold, just as you roll out your mat in the ideal spot at a respectful distance from the person next to you, and with adequate room for another mat on your other side—a guy or girl trudges loudly into the studio and unrolls his or her mat uncomfortably close to yours.

Don’t be embarrassed; the natural response is to feel territorial. But don’t give in, grab your lotus knees a little closer so (goodness forbid) you don’t make contact when you stretch out your arms and legs in a twist during class. If it helps I still experience times when my yoga and OCD collide. For instance, I’m usually pretty careful to line up my mat perfectly with the person next to me. However, I get still a bit huffy if a new person unrolls their mat misaligned next to mine. Just breathe deeply for a few rounds and you’ll tune your lop-sided neighbor out.

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