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8 Exercises that are More Fun than Jogging

Sometimes, it’s the motivation that we’re lacking to start an exercise routine, not a lack of energy. With that in mind, many people choose jogging as their go-to activity – which is all fine and dandy – but that may not appeal to everyone.

There are lots of other activities aside from running that incorporate cardio benefits, but you might not even notice that you’re breaking a sweat with some of these activities because they’re also entertaining. Let’s take a look at eight fun alternatives to traditional exercise choices…

1. Zumba

The story behind this group (or solo) exercise is that in the 1990s, a dance choreographer from Colombia needed a substitute for music he forgot to bring to class. So he chose the salsa music he had with him, and a new revolution in movement was born that continues to be popular.

Debate rages on whether this is a dance or an exercise or both, but one thing’s for sure, it’s an up-beat substitute to your traditional aerobics class. As WebMD points out, you’ll likely feel like you’ve stepped into a dance club rather than an exercise studio. And you don’t need to be a trained dancer to execute the moves.


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