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8 Crucial Criteria for Running Shoes

When you slip on your running shoes to go for a quick 2-mile jog, do you reach for a pair of high performance, light weight sneakers or “runners” that offer more of a fashion statement than a comfortable step?

While looking good in your trainers might be high on your priority list, feeling good will save you countless sprained ankles, repetitive stress conditions, and injuries over the long run.

Here are eight crucial criteria for your next pair of running shoes…

1. Look for Lightweight Materials

Runners made of lightweight materials should be prime on your list of sneaker must-haves. Just ask the writers at Runner’s World magazine, who claim that you hit the ground with a force that’s double your body weight when running. They recommend lessening that impact on your muscles and joints by spending the cash on higher-quality running shoes made from lighter weight materials.

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