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8 Common Misconceptions About Meditation

With hundreds of circling through your mind from moment to moment, it’s no wonder many seek out the solace of meditation to calm the chaos and live in now.

But what does meditation mean to you? Do you consider mediation a form of escapism or perhaps you avoid it for fear of becoming too selfish, or worse, a hypnotized zombie void of emotions?

Here are eight common misconceptions surrounding meditation…

1. Myth: Meditation is All About Concentration

While it’s certainly true that concentration is a byproduct of regular meditation practice—we don’t actually use concentration to meditate. It’s quite the opposite! Meditation asks us to block out, or limit, mental chatter that can be so overwhelming (i.e., pending appointments, all the chores you need to do, the work piling up at the office, etc.). Meditation is about letting go of earthly obligations, and taking a moment of relaxation in stillness and silence so that you can concentrate better when you are dealing with the stresses of life.

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