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8 Benefits of Exercise After Dark

More often than not, if you’re looking for me on a Friday evening, I’ll be at the club— no, not the dance club—the fitness club. In fact, I’ve long swapped my little black dresses and peep-toes for black yoga pants and cross-trainers in favor of an evening sweat session. But before you feel sorry for me, consider the many benefits of evening exercise.

So if nighttime is the right time (because you have no other time) to workout, then you may be reaping the following eight benefits of reserving your workouts for after dark…

1. Sweat Off Daily Stress

I don’t know about you, but in addition to using exercise as a way to manage my weight and boost my energy, I also utilize it as a primary means to burn of stress and anxiety. And at the end of a busy weekday it just so happens that I’ve often accumulated a ton of stress that I need to literally sweat off.

So take all of that frustration—your coworker’s snarky remark, your friend’s snub, your boss’ yelling, your car troubles, or your kid’s whining—to a spin or kickboxing class and let it out in a positive way. This way you leave it behind with your perspiration on the gym floor. Alternately, if you require some rest and relaxation after a particularly grueling day, put aside the high octane workout for an after dark yin or rejuvenation yoga class to help you unwind and unplug before going to bed.

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