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7 Tips to Help Make Fitness a Lifelong Habit

Believe it or not there are folks out there who are able to make exercise a regular and integral part of everyday life. For many, they might seem like mythical, sweaty unicorns. However, those hooked on fitness will be the first to tell you that the benefits far surpass aesthetics alone. Exercise is like any other habit, and most make it a priority for the physiological and psychological benefits it provides. Gradually, the thought of life without daily physical activity seems imaginable.

Here are seven tips to help you establish exercise as a lifelong habit…


1. Activities that Compliment Life

I admit; it took me many years of trying on different forms of exercise before I found a few types that I actually looked forward to doing daily. For me, running and yoga compliment my lifestyle. I’m a person who requires a lot of me-time. My introverted tendencies wouldn’t suit a partnered fitness or even a running group.

I stand by the fact that many of my clients who admit to losing fitness motivation—just haven’t found their exercise niche. So seek out activities that you’re your lifestyle and personality. If you like to dance and be social, try Zumba. If you want to feel empowered, check out kickboxing or martial arts. If you’re seeking some solace, choose solo hiking.


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