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7 Tips for Motivating Your Winter Workouts

Motivating yourself to exercise regularly is difficult enough—without the fact that your mornings are met with freezing cold temperatures, ice and snow, and pitch black skies.

Here are seven effective ways to find your get-up-and-go for early morning winter workouts…

1. Layer for Outdoor Comfort

Snow…pfttt! That shouldn’t stop you from getting outside bright and early for some pre-work exercise. The key to staying comfortable outdoors is to wear warm, layers that can be removed if you overheat.

For instance, I run throughout winter, but outfit myself in a long-sleeve shirt made of wicking fabric, a zip up sweatshirt, a fleece vest, a winter hat, and finger-less gloves. The great thing about these layers is that they keep me warm to the core while wicking sweat and moisture away from my body to prevent chills.

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