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7 Simple Exercises Anyone Can Do Anywhere

Regular exercise is important, and not just for getting to and/or maintaining a healthy weight. Daily activity also helps to alleviate joint pain and stiffness, improve flexibility and balance, keep body systems such as digestion working smoothly, and reduces stress. It can even make you happier and more productive.

But you don’t have to be a gym rat to gain these benefits. Any activity is better than none, and virtually anyone, at any age, and any fitness level can perform these few simple exercises. Start slow, work at your own pace, and enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of simple exercise…


1. Walking

The physical and mental benefits of walking are both well documented. But what makes walking a truly great exercise is that it is completely adaptable to any fitness level. Burning calories requires walking at a brisk pace over an adequate distance, but even a short walk at a slow pace can produce physical and mental benefits.

You can also start small and work your way up to longer distances as your fitness level increases. You don’t even have to go outside! Walk around the room or up and down the hallway a few times. Do this a few times a day for 5- or 10-minutes each time. If you want to and are able, build up from there.


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