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7 Reasons to Take Your Workout Outside

Autumn has finally arrived, and for the workout enthusiast, the cooler, but still temperate weather gives us good reason to take our running, walking, biking, and hiking workouts outdoors.

Offering up a selection of cool fall mornings, still comfortable afternoons, and crisp fall evenings—you can get a gratifying, outdoor sweat on in autumn and reap the following rewards that simply no other season offers.

Here are seven convincing reasons to take your workout out into the great fall outdoors…

1. Get an Outdoor Energy Boost

You probably refill your coffee cup, a second or even a third time, when you’re feeling sluggish. However, research from the University of Rochester, claims that simply getting out into nature will improve energy levels. Since we already know that physical activity naturally boosts energy stores—the study adds that just 20-minutes of fresh air doubles the energy-enhancing effects of exercise alone, and proves as effective as that second cup of coffee.

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