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7 Must-Dos After Every Workout

Each and every one of us have very personal reasons for working out. We may be training for a marathon, trying to shed a few pounds for an upcoming wedding, or exercising to improve cardiovascular health and prevent other genetic, chronic conditions. Regardless of if you run, swim, cycle, do hot yoga, box, or pump iron for fitness, consider these seven post-workout steps essential for maximizing your exercise efforts and furthering your fitness progress…

1. Cool Down Time

Do you walk a block after your run? Or do you run directly home and move onto your day without skipping a beat? Chances are if you skip the cool down portion of your workout, you’re leaving yourself prone not only to fitness injuries, heart damage, and also to fainting. According to the American Heart Association, this is why the cool down is as vital as the workout itself.

Considering that intense exercise causes the heart rate to soar and the blood vessels in your legs to expand—ceasing activity suddenly without a cool down period increases stress on the heart and causes blood to collecting in the lower body (legs and feet), leaving you prone to dizziness and a possible fainting episode as blood pressure plummets quickly. So take a few moments to walk off your workout and give your body a few moments to wind down safely after exercise.

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