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7 Important Reasons to Walk the Dog

It’s not too uncommon to slowly slide into sedentary behaviors once the honeymoon stage of puppy ownership wears off.  While some dog owners are relentless with their walking rituals, others may lean on the backyard or a dog park to exercise Rover.  Whether it is lack of time, chronic fatigue, or ugly weather, many times the walking of the dog becomes just another chore to get done.  It’s not surprising to many that the research on physical activity and dog ownership suggest that those who own dogs get the prescribed physical activity for health (150 minutes per week) without too much hassle.  

Dogs are the greatest personal trainers and help us get off the couch when we would rather watch another episode on Netflix. There are times, however, when the rain, schedule, or overwhelming fatigue wins out.  When those times hit us, it may do us some good to remember the many benefits that come to us once we are able to step outside the door with our furry best friends…

1. Walking is the Best Form of Exercise

The latest research on exercise suggests that walking (not running) is the best form of physical activity for many reasons. From the low impact aspect to the accessibility of walking, all we need is 30 to 60 minutes a day to realize the benefits of walking.  Additionally, we can divide this time across our schedule to include a morning and evening walk adding up to 30 (or so) minutes.

From lowered rates of depression and stress to a stronger immune system (and maybe a few pounds lost) walking every day is one of the smartest things to do for our health.  Not only that, we have bonding time with the dog while pooping out the pooch.

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