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7 Great Lunch Break Fitness Dates

I used to think the idea of hitting a fitness class over my lunch break was ludicrous. The idea of getting all sweaty and heading back to work wasn’t at all appealing—while the much needed time to reset my mind and body was very welcome, indeed. After all, studies show that breaking for a bit of physical fitness mid-day day leads to higher productivity and lower rates of stress and burn out.

Luckily, the following seven workout options are popular as mid-day forms of exercise because they work up little perspiration in 30- and 60-minutes, which is just covered by the average lunchtime break…

1. Yoga

Luckily, certain forms of yoga afford you the option to challenge your strength and flexibility without getting all sweaty and gross. Plus, I don’t usually require a shower after a Hatha, Yin, or Restoration type yoga class, where the main focus isn’t flow (like in Ashtanga or Power yoga).

Look to more restorative type of yoga for a great opportunity to stretch and relax midday.  Not only will you give your muscles a nice all-over-body stretch after sitting at a desk all morning but you’ll give your mind a good break to help re-invigorate your productivity and focus levels for the afternoon ahead.

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