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6 Ways Exercise Increases Intelligence

Studies show that exercise actually makes us smarter. I know, suddenly the nickname “smarty pants” takes on a whole new level when you’re wearing running pants or yoga tights. However, it’s win-win situation for your body and your brain thanks to these six reasons why working out improves memory, boosts focus, and prevents cognitive decline…

1. Sprint to Boost Memory

The fastest (literally) way to improve memory is to do sprints, according to a Neurobiology of Learning and Memory study from the University of Muenster’s, Department of Neurology, in Germany, who found that word memory improved after a series of high-intensity sprints.

Neurologists tested the learned vocabulary of participants before and after they performed high-impact sprints vs. low-impact running, and found that the high-intensity sprints boosted improved dopamine production, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (a protein that triggers brain nerve cell growth), epinephrine, and word memory by 20-percent.

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