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6 Strange Exercise Side Effects

If you’re new to regular exercise, you’ve likely come to expect the muscle soreness and the legs and arms that feel like jelly that come with your new regimen. However, your new, fit lifestyle might also come with a few lesser known surprises and somewhat embarrassing bodily “dysfunctions” that you didn’t expect from exercise…


1. That Sudden Urge to Poop!

Let’s face reality folks—when you’re dealing with blood flow mixed with the force of gravity and performing a standing exercise with impact, like running, you’re inevitably going to have to poop!

As, Dr. Michael Ryan, an associate professor of exercise science at Fairmont State University, explains it, the urge to poop during a run is actually fairly commonplace due to the “redirection of blood flow from your intestines to your working muscles.” Don’t forget that eating too close to a run can kick your gastro-intestinal tract into high gear.

Painful Urination

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