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6 Steps to De-stress your Runs

I often use my runs to burn off daily stress. However, if your runs don’t provide a perfect distraction and energy boost during stressful times—they could actually be the source of increased stress. Here are six ways to de-stress your running workouts…

1. Breathe Deeply

You may wonder how breathing wrong would be a issue during a run, but many folks take shallow breaths when exerted, which can cause cramps (or side stitches) and exhaustion sooner in your workout than you’d like. They key is to relax your belly and take full, deep breaths.

To ensure relaxing deep breathing and full intake of oxygen, inhale through your mouth and nose, and exhale through your mouth. You will know you’re taking full advantage of deep belly breathing when you see your abdomen expand—not just expansion in the upper chest. Decrease your pace until you get this full belly breathing down pat and then increase as you become comfortable with full, deep breathing.

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