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6 Signs You’re Just Too Sick to Exercise

Most of us know when we’re too sick to go to work—that or our doctors will tell us. And for the most part, no one wants us to show up for work ill just to get sent home anyway. However, do you know when you’re too sick to exercise?

Getting in a workout when you’re feeling under the weather may seem harmless, but you could end up making yourself even sicker. You can also injure yourself if you’re doing strenuous exercises like lifting weights. If you’re not sure if you’re well enough to push yourself physically, then it may be best to take a knee, or just go to bed. Here are five ways to determine if your body is not up for your workout routine demands…


1. You Feel Dizzy

Popular lifestyle magazine, Cosmopolitan recalls a tennis match when top-seeded competitor, Serena Williams, seemed disoriented and was off her game. Turns out she had a viral illness. The illness caused her difficulty in simple tasks, like bouncing a tennis ball.

She was eventually removed from the match after the doctor was called in. If you’re feeling light-headed or dizzy, it’s not going to help to force your body into performing, even if the stakes are high. Also, the last thing you want is to have a 200-pound barbell over your head while having a dizzy spell.


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