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6 Reasons to Take up a Hobby

Sure, you could spend all your free time watching television or looking at Youtube videos, but that’s like junk for the brain, depending on the kind of programming you’re watching. Unless it’s an educational show, you’re not really doing your brain any favors (or your body as you load in those potato chips).

Instead of watching other people do things on the screen, why not take up a hobby and start doing things that you enjoy? Here are six good reasons to follow your passion, whether you think you’re “talented” or not. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of trying it to see if you love it…


1. Hobbies Clear your Mind

Regardless of your hobby, if you take time to enjoy it and get better at it, you can lose yourself and forget about any worries for a while. Business Insider notes that if you choose a hobby that requires a good deal of skill—such as knitting—”the bilateral, rhythmic motion induces a relaxing, meditative state.”

Basically, the principle is that if you’re focusing on improving your skills, your mind doesn’t have room to wander into negative spaces. It also helps time pass because you lose your sense of time when you’re engrossed in your hobby, added Business Insider.

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