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6 Reasons Not to Exercise Today

In a world where so many health experts often point fingers at our excuses for why we can’t exercise, it might be strange to read this article title. However, we’re not talking the regular frivolous excuses for skipping a workout—such as “I’m just too busy” or “I can’t miss the double episode of the bachelor tonight”.

No, because we know that if you get caught up in empty logic, you’ll never get off the couch and get moving. However, there are times when you should consciously skip a workout with good reason. Times when the decision to exercise vs. skip a day might make the difference between a serious illness or injury…

1. You’re Feverish

According to Dr. Wayne Stokes, director of sports medicine at Rusk Rehabilitation (part of the Langone Medical Center at NYU), having a fever is your cue to stay in bed until the fever has subsided rather than sweat it out at the gym.

Dr. Stokes reminds us that working out with a fever of 101-degrees or more can lead to dangerous dehydration, and on rare occasions cause myocarditis, or heart issues caused by the inflammation of the heart muscle.


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