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Healthy Ways to Encourage Fitness as a Family

Exercise is often something we think of as a solitary endeavor, or something we do with strangers at the gym. However, spending time with family is a great motivation to get fit, and you can enjoy each other’s company as you all work toward your fitness goals.

You don’t have to sign an expensive family gym contract, or even leave the house to get some workout time in. The key is to make it fun and to keep moving, which can burn calories and strengthen bonds. Here are six ways to exercise with the kids involved…

1. Create an Indoor Dance Floor

Parents.com suggests moving aside the furniture in the living room, and cranking on some high-energy dance music. The article even mentions letting the kids use a flashlight as “strobe light,” presumably to mimic a dance club atmosphere.

You can tune into music that your younger ones know the words to, so they can sign along as they bust a move. There’s no chance of outsiders judging your moves, and you can go freestyle or take a break and watch your youngest ones hilariously try to keep up.


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