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6 Chronic Illnesses that Yoga Can Help Treat

Have you ever wondered why everyone from hockey players to office desk jockeys practice yoga? According to Oregon-based Fibromyalgia Specialist, Ginevra Liptan, “yoga therapy is one of the most effective medicines”…which she prescribes to her patients regularly.

Let’s take a look at six chronic illnesses that yoga purportedly helps heal…


1. Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety and stress-related disorders have a few things in common—mainly they affect the parasympathetic nervous system. A gentle style of yoga, such as hatha, restorative or yin yoga can help to calm the parasympathetic nervous system.

Yoga also helps participants focus on the now, according to integrative physicians at the Cleveland Clinic. Through mediation, body awareness, and guided breathing exercises the mind is taught to tune out external stresses and focus on the present.

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