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6 Benefits of Yoga for Men for Yoga Awareness Month

You see the images everywhere: women in groups mastering various yoga poses while smiling, as they seem to do them all with ease (at least in the photos). However, while women have definitely gravitated to yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle, some men may be missing out on the benefits (around 82 percent of those who practice yoga in the U.S. are women).

There are many yoga classes that welcome men, as well as encourage it. So while you might think that high-impact cardio exercises and weight training are the only ways to go for men, here are six benefits of yoga to bend your mind around during Yoga Awareness Month

1. Better Digestion

You already know that eating right is an important component in feeling your best and having the most strength. But did you know that yoga can help improve your digestion, which in turn may give you a boost in energy?

According to Men’s Fitness, yoga moves often involve twists that follow the path of your digestive system and help move food through it more efficiently. Doing these sort of moves regularly can also help increase core strength and flexibility.

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