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5 Forms of Workout Bribery that Work!

How do you motivated yourself to work out? Do you put your sneakers by the door and sinfully avoid looking at them on your way out the door each morning?  Everyone lacks the incentive to exercise every now and then—be it long work hours, stress, or just hitting a wall. Sometimes you just have to resort to good old fashioned bribery—YES bribery! And here are five work out motivators that actually work…

1. Buddy Up for Workouts

I know it’s not a new phenomenon, but chances are that you’ll let yourself down before you’ll let down a respected friend or colleague. Knowing that aspect about yourself—why are you working out alone?

Research conducted by Brock University’s Behavioural Health Sciences Research Lab, located in Ontario, Canada, those who belong to a social walking, running, cycling, or other exercise type club have the extra incentive of others with like-minded goals to encourage them forward. Having a work out buddy will ensure you don’t sleep in and skip your work outs and vice versa.

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