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14 Funniest Fitness Fads of all Time

We’ve all seen those late-night (or daytime) infomercials for the newest fitness gadget or routine that’s supposed to make you look like an athlete overnight. And while most of us giggle a bit watching the actors demonstrate the equipment with a straight face, others actually buy the products.

Health equipment crazes come and go, but if there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s that another one will come and take its place. Here are 14 of the funniest fitness fads in recent memory…

1. ThighMaster

As if the name alone shouldn’t elicit a laugh, this is 1-of those pieces of equipment that was hard to take seriously on television. Livestrong.com notes the product had a star promoter – Chrissy (Suzanne Somers) from the hit show “Three’s Company.”

Apparently, the product is still squeezing its way into the market (pun intended), and Chrissy is still the spokesmodel. That’s quite a career promoting 1-piece of equipment – although apparently now there’s also the ButtMaster, which is pretty self-explanatory. Laughing aside, Livestrong says more than 10-million ThighMaster units have been sold.

Source: www.suzannesomers.com

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