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12 Tips to Sidestep Fitness Injuries

No matter how hard you train, not doing it properly is likely going to give you more problems than benefits. Avoiding injury while working out means focusing and knowing what you’re doing, which takes time.

Even the most seasoned athletes can get hurt if they don’t follow some relatively simple guidelines and don’t try to push too hard too quickly. It may be frustrating when you’re just starting out to take it slow, but doing so can help you avoid losing weeks of training time from a pulled muscle (or worse). Here are 12 ways to avoid getting hurt while training…

1. Know Your Limits

Getting stronger takes work, and a little bit of strategy to avoid getting hurt in the process. WebMD notes you should “know your body’s limitations,” namely where your weakest points are so you don’t push them too hard.

The source explains if you know your knees are already compromised, for example, don’t use a stepper or a treadmill (or do leg presses) as this can aggravate the injury. Use something like a stationary bike that doesn’t cause “pounding” on the knee joints, it adds. “The point is that you have to acknowledge the weakest areas of your body,” and slowly build them up without overdoing it, explains WebMD.

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