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12 Reasons Why “Gymtimidation” and Fear at Fitness Facilities Exist

For those that have a passion for exercise and love the high that only an intense fitness class or resistance training session can deliver, it is hard to fathom that others may cringe at the idea.  It’s a fact that most fitness centers not only cater to a specific population of people, but also have a high rate of exercise dropout that could be reduced by making a few adjustments.

To help build clientele, and not lose them to “gymtimidation”, it is important to consider the following reasons why people may decide to stay or go…


1. The Clothes

Workout gear has come a long way since the gym shorts and cotton T-shirts. Not only can we look crisp and clean while we sweat, we now benefit from the technology of the fabrics (i.e., the sweat gets pulled into the fabric and away from the skin).  Today we can purchase fitness gear to match our activity, our personality, and the color of our iPod…but what effect does all this flash have on those wanting to join in?

Many exerciser wannabes believe they have to get fit or lose a few pounds before joining a gym. Combine this with fitness clothing that fails to cater to larger sized bodies and the result is less than inviting. Hanne Blank, the author of The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts highlights the importance of finding exercise clothing that is comfortable, but underlines the challenge many have finding supportive gear for bigger bodies.

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