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12 Full Body Exercises for Working Out in Tight Spaces

You’ve committed to starting a regular workout routine. To save money and time, you decide to work out at home instead of going to the gym or joining a sports group. After making sure you have the right shoes and workout clothes, you look around your house and consider the space you have to workout. Does this sound familiar?

Getting in a full body workout in a tight space can be challenging, but not impossible. Follow this workout designed specifically for tight spaces and minimal equipment…


1. Routine at a Glance

For this workout you will need a radius that is big enough for you to lunge forwards, backwards, and sideways. Even though you are working out at home, wearing supportive footwear and proper workout attire is key. Not only does this prevent injuries and improve comfort, it also helps you get in the mindset of working out. Find an area free of distractions (except music)—watching TV can be distracting, which can reduce your intensity and focus, as well as attention to your form.

The equipment required for this workout is one set of heavier weights for lower body exercises, one set of lighter weights for upper body and exercises, and a medium resistance theraband (or resistance tube with handle). Don’t have any dumbbells? Household items can be substituted for weights. For example, soup cans could form a set of lighter weights. You can also make your own heavier weights by filling up bags with sand. Adjust the number of rep and sets depending on your goals and available time.

Workout at Home

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