Ways To Sneak in Bits of Exercise

Health experts, I’m looking at you personal trainers, doctors, and nutritionists, all agree that we should be squeezing at least 30-minutes of exercise into every day. However, for most of us that doesn’t seem possible…until you think about being sneaky about it.

Here are 10 sneaky ways to cram in moments of exercise into your day. And believe me; even 3 minute intervals here and there can quickly add up to 30 minutes devoted to activity—without you really even missing the time.

Do Jumping Jacks During Commercials

Each time your favorite television program breaks for commercials, try to fit in as many jumping jacks as you can before the show resumes. After all, you don’t want to miss the action. You can even alternate jumping jacks with push-ups.

March For Your News

Do you go outside to the curb to pick up your morning paper? Well set the coffee pot on before you do and take a brisk walk around the entire block before coming back to pick up your news.  It’ll wake you up and get your metabolism going, and you’ll be back before the coffee is percolated.

Schedule Your Own “Practice”

When you drop your son off at hockey or your daughter off at ballet, don’t perch in the stands and watch. Instead, do laps around the rink or work your way up to jog around the building. You can even change and shower at the same time after so your kids aren’t waiting for you.

Walk to Work

Do your part for the environment and for your body by choosing to leave the car parked and walk to work. Or spend more time with the kids in the morning and walk them to school.

Do a Mini Counter Workout

Making dinner or waiting for the roast to cook? Do standing push ups exercises against the counter. For push ups stand facing the counter at about an arm’s length distance. Let gravity lean you towards the counter bending at the elbows and then push yourself back to standing using your arms.

Source: SheKnows

Break for Activity

Instead of lunching out, eat at your desk and then take the usual break to go for a walk or a fitness class. You can even drag one of your co-workers along for motivation.

Multi-Task Errands

If you have If you have errands to do, walk if you’re close enough or leave a bit early and park further away so you can get in 15-minutes of walking between the car and store.

Take the Stairs

One trip up the stairs in the morning might not seem like a lot of steps, but if you take the stairs in the morning, at lunch, for your afternoon coffee break and when you leave, you’ve suddenly added 50 extra steps to your day.

Exercise During Naptime

Just because the kids are napping doesn’t mean you have to take it easy. Put in an exercise DVD and do the workout in your basement or put on the news or a cooking show and do leg lifts while you watch. You can bring the baby monitor in case junior needs you.

Don’t Wait for Transport…Walk to It

Waiting for the bus, a train, subway, or at the airport? Don’t just stand there and wait between transport, walk around the concourse at the airport or race to the next closest stop—I bet you can beat the train.


Emily Lockhart

Emily Lockhart is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She believes that being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a punishment or temporary fix to attain a desired fitness or body image goal. Anna helps her clients take responsibility for their own health and wellness through her classes and articles on ActiveBeat.